Thursday, May 21, 2009

mutual funds

I usually advice people on the best mutual fund company to open your IRA with. There are different choices, today; I am going to buttress on three. Some companies not on the list, like Schwab or American Funds are also respectable choices, but in my opinion these three are by far the most trusted and suitable. I also highly recommend signing up for a free Morningstar membership for additional, in-depth research when you are done with your previous overview. You can find out pretty much anything you’d ever want to know about a particular mutual fund or mutual fund company over at Morningstar.
Fidelity Investments is a venerable mutual fund company first popularized by a slew of super-star fund managers like Peter Lynch who makes incredible returns year after year. While Fidelity no longer has a star manager of Lynch proportions, they do have a solid and deep research division and a slew of average-priced actively-managed funds in virtually ever stock and bond market sector you could think. Fidelity does have a few cheap index funds to withstand Vanguard, but they are limited to a Total Stock Market Index Fund, Extended Market Index Fund, Bond Market Index Fund, and an EAFE Foreign Index Fund. Then again, that’s really all you need if you want to keep it simple. Their Fidelity Freedom (target retirement) Funds are mediocre at best. In the same vein, you would probably be best off completely ignoring their multitude of narrowly-concentrated sector funds. In conclusion, Fidelity is an above-average choice, especially if you keep a close eye on costs, which aren’t usually low here.

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