Friday, May 22, 2009


An organization is used to be formed by two or more people working together to achieve certain goals. At a time, the goals of individuals in an organization may differ which may produce troubles and mutual suspicion to the detriment of the organization the type of personnel in any organization with respect to their number, quality and orientation can also affect operations in that company may be affected. The same is true for organizations that do not have quality personnel or have personnel with faulty orientation and training.

Demands for increased pay or advancement in conditions of service by employees, company policies, industrial actions by members of staff or other actions originating from staffers of an organization can have a negative or positive impact on organization activities and functions.

In the same track, the availability or otherwise of non-human resources can also affect a firm. Where there is no money in abundance, the firm may come across great difficulties in meeting its financial obligations. This may have effect on the credibility of the firm just as it is capable of making the firm loose investment opportunities. Considering the effect it would have on the other hand if such firms have sufficient funds at the right times. Facilities of organizations, their availability or non- availability, their condition, and some others also affect the modes of operations of business enterprise. Organisation has always been something that has been bordering me to write about because i know that so many of you out there will need it for your business or to run your company.

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