Thursday, May 21, 2009

wealth management

There are numerous methods for quick wealth. It can happen spontaneously, but only when you have the knowledge and the application to get rich, that is when you can go against mainstream knowledge and begin to learn fast ways of getting rich. When you have these secrets to getting rich you can then go ahead and make a substantial amount of money in minimal time, thus increasing your rich status. Let me start with the different ways.
Presently, I am going to go expose to you facts that will give you near instant results. We have all heard of cold calling, which is calling a prospect seemingly right out of the white pages. Warm calling is someone who wants to get rich quick, signs his name, email and phone number into a lead site which then affiliates can buy very cheaply (about 1200 a day for $18.99 a month or so), call and pitch the concept .
This would terrify most people, about as much as public speaking. The reason is not because they refused to get rich, it is because of our tribal background. Several thousands of years ago, everyone lived in villages and knew each other, so anything you did or said to anybody else would be known throughout the village, causing you disgrace or worse. You will not make it with this kind of mindset.
Nowadays, the idea of calling someone you don't have dealings with can still make your heart skip a beat. The fact is that it should not give you any fear at all. These people do not know you, they do not know anybody you know and do not even think about the whole process they way you do. They either make you richer by buying or signing up or they hang up, never to be seen or heard from again. That is what should be run via your mind at all times while warm calling.
To be successful and get rich quick with warm calling, you first have to find that which connect with your primal feelings and then disengage, If you want to get rich quickly with this method of marketing you need to have no fear of the call. You have to remember that these people have requested the details that you are giving them. They are pretty much waiting by their phones with credit card in hand waiting to join your program or buy your product. What do you expect then? before you know it, They hang up and you’re done with them. That’s it. Nobody is going to come to your home or workplace and no complaints will be filed against you. In all my years warm calling, either in affiliate marketing or when I worked in mortgages, the worst thing that ever happened to me was a man called me back to apologize for being nasty to me and he ended up joining my program and is now making 4 figures annually!

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