Friday, September 25, 2009


The recruitment process in the organization should be all embracing. It includes the efforts of an organization making move to reach out to applicants as well as the voluntary and passive efforts of unsolicited applicants who come to an organization making enquiries about vacancies.
Thus, the recruitment process is not limited to the systematic, formal, planned efforts on the part of organization to attract suitable applicants.
The recruitment process generally encompasses selection and hopes to assess, obtain commitment from, place, educate, etc. new employees to fill the position required for successful conduct of the work of an organization. It is an exercise that seeks to attract a pool of potential employees. To that extent, the recruitment exercise should include searching for the potential employees both internally and externally. To a large extent, the success or otherwise of a recruitment exercise depends on knowing and being in contact with the likely sources that offer candidates for employment.
Generally, sources for recruitment for an organization may be classified into two namely; internal and external.
Internal source of recruitment envisages the availability of potentials within the organization. When internal source of recruitment is made use of, certain advantages are derivable which include the simplicity of the process; it is relatively cheap to the organization in terms of cost and, it boosts employee morale among other things.
On the other hand, internal sourcing may preclude the injection of new ideas into an organization.
External source of recruitment is embarked on to fill positions whose specifications cannot be filled by existing personnel. Other times, organizations rely on external sources to fill vacancies created by expansion or fill lower entry jobs. Sizes of the organization, management policy, type of job, the reputation of an enterprise are factors that determine whether an organization should embark on recruiting personnel externally.
The common external sources of recruitment include advertisement, employment agencies, unsolicited applicants, educational institutions, professional contacts, labour unions, employee referrals, etc.

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