Saturday, October 31, 2009


The word 'traffic' means different thing to different people. It could mean the passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation-Vehicles or pedestrians in transit; it could also mean to pass goods and commodities from one person to another for an equivalent in goods or money. In this section, we shall be looking at 'traffic' from another perspective. Traffic here, simply means website visitors. These visitors could come from different sources but we shall be dealing with visitors from the top 3 major search engines which are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Obviously, there are other search engines that e-commerce owners can submit their sites to; but these 3 heavyweights carry the most benefits. The term "major" really means "most used," and therefore, most visited. Google and Yahoo offer free submission services. Ask needs you to sign up for membership and pay a fee before you can submit your website or blog. You can also submit to other search engines like: LYCOS, MSN Live Search, etc. Here are some recipe in other to submit your site to search engines. 1. Read Submission Rules And Regulations.There are rules and regulations for you to submit your site successfully. Usually, search engines' have submission sites for you to read and you must read them. Don't just scan through and click on all "I Accept" buttons and type in descriptions of your blog or site. Some of these application forms look deceptively , when they are not simple at all.Set some time to really answer all pertinent questions on the application forms, especially if you are paying money to have it indexed . And you must do this for each and every search engine you are applying for.One thing you have to remember is that, even if you have successfully submitted your site, this does not mean that your site will automatically increase its traffic by a hundredfold. Submission is only a step of the process. 2. automated submissions are usually classified immediately as spam and removed from the search engine listings. These promotional gimmicks about fully automated programs that can list your site on a hundred search engines instantly are shams. Automated mass submissions may not get your website penalized, but it certainly may put you at risk of being blacklisted altogether.If you are willing to spend just a few hours a day to submit your site manually to individual search engines, you can actually gain more results. This means that you have to visit each and every search engine on the web and fill it out individually. Although, you can always hire other people to do the submissions for you, you have to make sure that they submit these by hand as well.If you are willing to pay money to increase your websites traffic, you can use some major search engine's paid indexing services. This service ensures that your site gets indexed spontaneously, placing you higher in ranking on the search engine results page . 3. Submit Once.Not only will search engines ignore further submissions of your site, you are also wasting valuable time and money trying to submit an already accepted site. Multiple submissions will not improve your site's rankings at the SERPs. It would be best to re-direct your energy into promoting your site through more conventional means like SEO, etc. 4. Keep searching, Once you've submitted your site, monitor your success, at all the sites you have applied for. Eventually, you have to upgrade your site, or increase the pages of your site, and that would be a good time to see if the contents of your pages could really help increase the traffic to your site .

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