Saturday, November 28, 2009

Auction guide for beginners

When you go to an auction for the first time, there are specific things you should know.

1. Obtain an auction brochure or catalog. Do this at least a day before the auction date. This ensures that the goods, what you need.

2. From the auction catalog, identify what you want. If it'sa car, do your research on the current market value online. When you know its value in the market, you can set your budget.

3. On the day of sale, the phone in the auction house, and confirm that the auction goes as planned, as some auctions may be subject to last minute cancellations or rescheduling. Rings to confirm if the property or a topic you are interested in is still for sale is something you should do before you go to the auction house also.

4. When you arrive at the auction house, register to obtain a bid number. You will be asked your name, address and contact number and will be asked to pay a deposit or pay a certain amount of registration fee.

5. Come early. This allows you to inspect the auction goods properly before the bidding process begins. An auction brochure can help with information on products for sale, but the physical inspection of the items before the sale allows you to determine whether goods are really worth any amount of your money. Do an ocular inspection, the day before the scheduled auction, if it is a piece of property.

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