Friday, November 13, 2009


They are lots of Nigeria experts on the internet. At an age when most web-based organizations are European or American – owned, these men have established an organization set to provide rigid competition for both local and international internet companies.

Recently lunched in Lagos, “Blogme”® is an indigenous efforts that is ready to hold its own against any virtual service provider in its determination to offer cutting-edge service to the highly populated market in Nigeria and beyond. The websites domain is and it offers a wide range of services such as video, online shopping with interswitch assisted payment options, sports, business news, downloads, chatting, entertainment, maps, search engines and so on.

A major hotbed in the offering of the website is definitely going to be the “career video option”, which is design mostly to attract job seekers, the free email, chats, sports and entertainment. Furthermore, the management of the company is confident that indigenous companies would gradually make them their darling partners when they discover the millions of customers they would attract who could be of immense value to their business.

Mr. Orogun Gbenga a senior official of the company describes the site “as a web with high level of globally competitive outlooks, with serious dosage of indigenous content”. In order words, it’s a virtual forum that can identify with both local and international

Taking advantages of the recent bid to re-branding Nigeria by the incumbent minister of information and communications, Prof. Dora Akunjyili, “Blogme”® is positioning itself to portray the country in good light and assist in the proliferation of the aspect of the nation at large.

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