Friday, November 13, 2009

Google Adsense

Have you ever been wondering how some of the newspaper publishing houses generate funds for their operations even when they are not selling much copies per day? Doesn't it ever occur to you the reason some of the newspaper publishing houses around never fold up even when there is no patronage from the public? Then, you are in for a surprise!The simple reason is because they are generating cool dollars everyday from Google Adsense. If you doubt me, visit any of the newspaper website and you will see small advertisements that carries "ads by google" Yes, that is the secrets you have been missing. What Is Google AdSense? It is an advertising program run by google that enable websites&blog owners to enroll as publisher in order to place text, image and, more recently, video advertisements on their websites in order to generate extra income. These advertisements are administered by google and the adverts generate revenue on a pay per-click . The owner of the website or blog gets paid a percentage of the amount that google receives from the advertiser anytime a visitor clicks on the adverts. The website or blog owner is not charged any fee. How Do You Promote Adsense Website or blog? You can promote your adsense website or blog by submitting articles to forums, free reprint article websites, by newspaper advertisements, by leaflets, word of mouth, by submitting your blog address(www...) to search engines or posters.Warning If You Must Have A Google Adsense Website or blog, You must never at any time click on your adverts or tell anybody to do same. That is what is called illegal clicks and it is very easy to locate illegal clicks.How Do I Get Paid By Google? They send cheques as soon as your earnings gets to a $100 by DHL . How Much Can I Earn With Google Website/blog Per Month? This requires you to do the right thing by promoting your website sincerely and not by trick. By doing so, I can guarantee you above a $100 to $2000 monthly.

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