Tuesday, November 3, 2009

work at home

Hello, my name is Marcus and I work from home.

Let me tell you a bit about me... I used to work as full time retail assistant 7am to 4pm and with 3 young kids I was giving most of my hard earned cash to the daycare center.

One day about 9 months ago a friend told me how she was making $200 a day for just a few hours work on her computer. I didn't believe her but she showed me how she was doing it and decided to try for myself. I started off by doing some online surveys and also selling on amazon.

Anyway, before I knew it I was earning double what I got at my normal job for just a couple of hours of my time in the evenings and weekend, needless to say I quit that day job !

Ever since then I have carried on working from home and the great thing is that I work the hours that satisfies me and my family. I can spend quality time with my kids during the day, I can do the housework, I can socialize and I can do anything else I want, I just fit in my online work when it suits. I have total freedom and total control over my income. If I want extra money one week I simply just put in more hours.

There are a few paid online survey companies around but if you're going to sign up with one of these it's best to go with one that has been recommended to you by someone who has used them before.

As for selling items on amazon you can source products to sell from the many wholesale directories out there but be careful, I have paid money for wholesale directories only to find that some of the suppliers don't even exist or they expect to be paid by Western Union. (never pay anyone by Western Union !) By far the greatest genuine wholesale directory if you want to source products cheaply is Salehoo.

There are numerous ways to make good fortune from home online and I have compiled a list that I call my Top 10. These are definitely good starting points for anyone thinking of giving it a go working from home

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