Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advertising a Seminar

Online seminars are very common these days. And a lot of experts have found their way doing business online and are currently sharing what they know about a certain concept, product, or program to everybody else that has internet connection. If you want to know what you have to do in order to advertise a paid or free seminar properly, here are good tips to follow:

1. Create A Media Kit.

Your media kit has to be created and presented in the most comprehensive form. Since this is going to be an online opportunity, it is best that you create your media kit in a web-based format so that other websites can easily upload it. However, you should not limit yourself to this format alone. You also have to create media kits in CD and DVD form, as these can be easily handed out to interested parties. When creating media kits on CD's and DVD's, make sure that you include a good background of the seminar, the speakers, and the seminar's importance.

2. Send Out Invitations.

Other than the media kit, you also have to send out invitations to your prospects and to people who might be interested in your seminar. You can get a mailing list from companies that specialize in their acquisition. But that is not always the best way to get the addresses of interested people. It is still best that you use your own resources when getting these lists. For example, you can get the email and physical addresses of the members of an organization that you are a member of. Like the rotary club, the local architect's club, or any other public groups you might belong to.

3. Call Possible Attendees.

The power of telemarketing is still potent these days. No other tool will allow you to reach your prospects in real time and talk to them personally than a telephone. Whenever you're planning a seminar, consider hiring a firm that can do cold telephone calls to prospective attendees. But more than that, the people you'll hire should be able to answer possible questions about the seminar too. They should also take on the job of calling back and confirming their attendance, along with reminding them of the time and location of the seminar when it is near.

4. Make Yourself Available.

If you are the person who is going to hold the seminar and speak on it as well, it is best that you make yourself public. Make yourself available through chat and forums. Use the tri-media whenever you can. You can also buy airtime in television or promote directly at radio shows. The more people know about you and the seminar you are holding, the more people will be interested in joining.

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