Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Choosing A Medical Program Overseas

Choosing the right medical program abroad can be seen as a daunting task. Not only do you have the decision of choosing the right medical program but you also have to compare other important factors when moving to a different country such as safety, accommodation and cost etc. Studying Medicine and Health Sciences Overseas investigates...

Choosing The Right Program

You may be asking yourself, with so many programs offering similar things, which program should I choose? There are Several factors that can help you decide which program to tick. The most important factor to consider is personal safety. Research the political situation of the country you are interested. Check out for a listing of countries that are on the State's Department Warning List. Also, use the checklist below to help carefully assess the safety of the programs you are interested in.

Assessing Program Content like:

1. What will be my duties as a student?

2. Will i be with other students from the United States for example?

3. Can I speak with someone in the department I am most interested?

4. What types of outside programming is offered? Classes? Excursions? Service projects?

5. Is there an orientation? Cultural awareness training?

6. How much community input is taken into account?

7. What are the relationships of the people who work in the program with those in the community? Are they incorporated?

8. My access to textbooks?

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