Friday, February 5, 2010

Medical Interpretation Program in qatar

Mission and overview:

Medical Interpretation program is a pioneering initiative of Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC-Q) in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar (HMC). The main objectives of the program is to:

1. To reduce the stress in communicating amongst participants (health professionals and patients) in international and culturally diverse medical education and health care environment.
2. To train sufficient interpreters to meet the hospital needs and to ensure that they provide thorough, accurate interpretation. To evaluate, assess the interpreters' skills on regular basis in order to depict any problem and provide intervention or remedial training as necessary.

The program has commenced on January 2, 2008 providing Arabic, Hindi and Tamil language services to the medical students during their clerkship's. Working together with HMC, the program is planning to extend interpretation services to serve all HMC hospitals.
Medical Interpretation Program

Main achievements:

In our endeavors to raise the awareness of communication obstructions in and their impact on the quality of health-care provided to multi-cultural communities, we have conducted various presentations entitled:

* Introduction of the Medical Interpretation Program
* The Role of Medical Interpreter
* Trained VS. Untrained Medical Interpreter
* Communication Barriers and Cross Cultural Issues in Health Care Settings.

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