Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The Brontok worm is a computer worm that affects computers running Microsoft Windows. It spreads all over by sending itself to email addresses gotten from the affected computer. varying in from:
  • Brontok.A
  • Brontok.B
  • Brontok.C
  • Brontok.D
  • Brontok.F
  • Brontok.G
  • Brontok.H
  • Brontok.I
  • Brontok.K
  • Brontok.Q    
Some other names for this worm include:
W32/Rontokbro.gen@MM, W32.Rontokbro@mm, BackDoor.Generic.1138, W32/Korbo-B, Worm/Brontok.a, Win32.Brontok.A@mm, Worm.Mytob.GH, W32/Brontok.C.worm, and Win32/Brontok.E, W32.Rontokbro.D@mm., I-Worm.VB.DV

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