Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Control Spyware Infection

You suspect , based on the computer's strange behavior that there is spyware on the computer. What should be the next course of action? Well, luckily, there is free software available to check and detect if any spyware is present.

If there is indeed a spyware, there are also available tools to remove the spyware. To prevent or lessen spyware infection, here are some tips:

1. Have the necessary anti-malware tools installed. There are really effective tools available online for free which could provide protection if checking is religiously performed.

2. Be careful in downloading unverified programs or software and other freebies. Usually, there is a spyware hiding somewhere.

3. Check the programs running in your system. Check the systems tray regularly.

4. Ask for advice from the experts on the subject. There are many forums where members are generous in giving advice to those who need it.

The best way to protect the computer from spyware is to prevent its entry into the computer. It is a must that the computer user educates himself or herself to know how to use the needed tools. Protection is the best way to prevent these malwares from creating trouble.

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