Friday, March 19, 2010

Manual Removal of Brontok Virus Without a Software

I want to disclose to you on how to manually remove the brontok virus without any software. The first step here is to load windows xp in safe mode. when the message will appear you want safe mode or system recovery then press ctrl+alt+del twice you will get the task manager window. Now select process you will see few file already loaded. now press the yes button of the previous messege(safe mood messege) and you will see a file is loading “kesenjangalsocial.exe” or “sembako….exe” basing on the version. Select the file immediately and press end task. select yes when asking confirmation. Now you will be able to get inside system configuration by typing “msconfig” from start menu. Delete the br???on.exe and rakyatkelparan.exe and bbm-…..exe entry . Then search the files from find menu. Always remember to enable looking for hidden and system files. Now delete the files but don’t forget the file size. next search the whole computer for exe file ” *.exe ” and delete the files with similar file size and icon of a folder but type is application. Some other infected file is cmd-bro….exe (dots represent random name) it is at system32 folder. next is and another is empty.pif at the startup folder. Delete all these. Now navigate to regedit and search these entries and delete all those. If you cannot access to regedit then load windos as administrator in normal mode. type gpedit.msc in the run box and select disable registry editing from administrative template/system.

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