Monday, March 8, 2010

web surfers in turkey can now access restricted site with Vtunnel

With the latest blockage of, which has so far last almost two weeks, many of the residents and visitors of Turkey have been unable to gain access to this very famous site. Administrators at were able to handle the massive influx of Turkish visitors looking to access any way that they could.

In just a week, access to from Turkish visitors has more than doubled the total traffic of and more than tripled the total bandwidth of usage. Whereas youtube support typically peaks the usage at about 150megabits per second, in recent days it has been using over 800 megabits per second. Luckily servers and the service provider at freeproxies have been up to the task to ramp up the service very quickly. This, combined with spare capacity freeproxies had on hand to deal with such an event, have led to the site running more or less as expected, despite serving over 25 youtube videos per second during peak hours.

As others have reported, censorship on the internet is not possible the same way it had been with older forms of media. Thanks to proxy sites like and, and proxy lists like and, web visitors can quickly circumvent any attempted blockages with ease. With google having recently removed the videos that caused Turkey to decide to block youtube in the first place, it is expected that access to the site will be restored soon. In the likely case that Turkey or another country decides to block access to this or another site again, freeproxies will be here to help those affected.

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