Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Traffic From Social Bookmarking Websites

Welcome to the base info platform, today you will learn about getting tons of traffic from social bookmarking websites, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. By doing this, you get instant tips and great information that will help you drive more quality traffic to your website & grow your list. Thanks for visiting!

Traffic From Social Bookmarking Web sites

Now if you really like what you are doing on the net, and you enjoy seeing the spiders crawl to your site then you are also going to like what i am going to be talking about today. Having shown you my free ping sites that has kept my site traffic flowing continuously I want to expose to you something really lovely. See, if you are not checking your traffic logs regularly I suggest you do often. If you using wordpress, you could use statpress, a lovely plugging. looking through my stapress logs I was amazed when I noticed an instant jump in my traffic stat from Google, and even yahoo. All I did was easy, I adopted the power of social bookmarking to get the search engines telling everyone my website exist and can give you the answer you need.

I have over 200 social bookmarking sites right here, these are hot sites that would get you lots of inbound links and also increase your google PR. SEO, VEO, or Whatever method you are using to get traffic to your website, adding social book marking can be of great help.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time daily, after that great post just book mark it to say 10 social sites per day, and you ‘ll be amazed how much that can do to your Income.

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