Monday, September 20, 2010

Google Adwords

Utilizing Google Adwords is one of the vital tools in the internet world if you want to drive traffic to your Webpage. And why do you need to drive traffic to your website? Any website administrator or owner sees the importance of this action since traffic makes any site successful by gaining more profit through advertisement. Still confused? Let us take it one by one. We shall start with a discussion of Google Adwords.

When using the Google search engine there are noticeable listings in the right hand corner of the webpage. All of these listings is identified as Google Adwords. Google presents important texts relative to the ads within the search engine results page. This page is named Sponsored Links. When a searcher keys in a word, the links appear separately thus giving superb exposure of the listed site.

How does it work? Since Google is the most popular and the largest online search engines; it receives approximately 200,000,000 queries everyday. Because of this demand, its web administrators desire to have high ranking on the results of searches it provides. The high ranking can denote a high traffic for a particular website.

The results page of any search engine can really be a great spot for promoters to advertise a service or product using links and ads. Particularly, these are helpful to those ticket items needing maximum exposure for sales. As a result, Google launched Adwords service offering businesses an avenue to advertise their services and products to a targeted audience.

Adwords is a pay per click advertisement which is posted by people who want his or her auctions to be seen by targeted traffic on the site. Through Adwords, the item submitted will be displayed several times but these displays, will only be paid whenever a searcher ticks on the posted ad. Adwords by Google guarantees instant traffic.

How can one use the Google Adwords? An initial step is to acquire an account on Google Adwords Service. Next, you should specify your country and language; this is an important step since your prime motive is to sell. You would not want your product or service be advertised in places where they are not known or they are not being used.

After acquiring an account, you are now ready to make your ad group. This ad group consists of ad designing, keyword selection and determination of the maximum cost you are willing to pay. This also includes bidding for the amount of the ad.

Tag title is the next important thing to consider in Google Adwords. Be sure that your title tag is very captivating since this will be an essential tool in catching the attention of the target audience. As a note, title tags must describe your website accurately and clearly. This must be effective in conveying the message for your audience. Having clear messages can attract qualified leads which can be converted to sales. This can therefore signify the importance of selecting concise keywords.

Keywords must carefully be selected. There are words and phrases that can be adapted to attract more prospects. Using different words, derivatives and misspellings can lead to an increased chance of serving your ad on the website.

After deciding on a title tag for your ad, cost must be considered next to have maximum exposure. For each campaign, it is recommendable to have daily budget that is affordable and suitable. Usually, the charges are agreed upon by the client and a webmaster or administrator. Normally, a pay per day amount is considered; for example, a trading assistant who takes care of the selling of peoples stuff agrees on a $10 a day or $300 for one month listing. Generally, the charge can be as low as a dollar a day. The amount will all depend on the set agreement.

Aside from these steps, there are a few mistakes that are overlooked. These can be considered to be a profitable website. One of the mistakes is bidding on a few wrong keywords, thus missing the right ones. Another mistake is unawareness on the keywords and ads that convert web users to sales and which ones aren't profitable.

Backlink Traffic

Getting tons of traffic to a website depends on hard work, patience, and a great deal of pro-activity. Traffic is all a website needs to sustain itself. With the rising domain name registration fees and web hosting costs, making a website profitable is an requirement for a lot of webmasters. And it is impossible to make your website earn its wares without traffic. Traffic refers to real people who visit your site. And they are the people who will bring you the gains that you need.

In generating traffic to a site, you have to do some dirt work. You have to distribute the backlinks of your site. Backlinks are the URL's of your site posted in different places all over the internet. These are live links that people can click so that they navigates to your website. In order to amass traffic, you have to specifically add your backlinks - thousands of them to be exact - to key places over the internet.

Backlinks work two ways in generating traffic. The first way is the most obvious way. When people see your backlink as they go about their surfing habits, then there is a 50-50 chance that they'll visit your site. If you get people interested enough, then they will definitely check out your website and see what you've got to offer.

The best places to put your backlinks are websites that have regular high-density traffic. Well-populated forums and social networks are your best bets. These places have a lot of people coming in and out on a regular basis. You will definitely want your backlinks showing on your forum signature so that every time you make a comment on something, your backlink shows with your post.

You can apply this tip on almost all forums found over the internet today. Most of them allow at least one live backlink signature for each member. So go get yourself active in a forum with hundreds of thousands of members. With every post you make, you'll have one important backlink to add up to your website's advertising requirements.

Another place to put your backlinks is on social networking websites. Social networking websites have exploded in the past few years. The main idea of these websites is for you to acquire a good number of friends, which are referred as your social network. And with more people associated with you, you are more likely to promote your website better. You can effectively invite people who are part of your social network to take a look at your site and see the things they can enjoy there. You can put the backlink on your own page. And of course, you can also post them all over your social network as a comment, message, or testimonials to your friends.

But this is just one way of how backlinks work. The other way backlinks become beneficial in generating website traffic is directly related to how search engines work. Link popularity is one of the algorithms considered by search engines when it comes to ranking your page. The more popular your page is, the better they fair on the search engine results. And your selected keywords and backlinks have a lot to do with it. The more backlinks you have, the more popular your website gets.

And so if a person types your website's name, or sometimes even your chosen keywords on the search engine box, your website will show at the top of the index page. And in that position, you are more likely to get traffic to your site. Search engine marketing has always been the focus of most internet marketing strategies adopt over the internet during the past few years.

To increase the number of your active backlinks, you can submit your site to numerous link directories over the internet. Link directories are websites that are primarily designed to keeping a list of all submitted URL's of other websites. The links are classified according to their respective categories. In effect, these websites look like an online yellow pages directory. Most of them offer their listing for free. However, there are others that require some sort of a fee for inclusion purposes.

Monday, September 13, 2010

DO Follow Backlinks From Google

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UPDATE: It has been noticed that Google profile is NO LONGER Dofollow. The links of old profiles seem to have been grandfathered as "dofollow ", but for new profiles, any link added to the profile is set to nofollow. This is what I and one of my subscribers found out recently!

Still, since it is Google, Then it will be wise to create a profile as the case may be. It would help spread my name across the web, and also bring me a little traffic. Moreover Google is very weird and unpredictable about counting nofollow links!

Digg has also become nofollow, both for old and new profiles. :( Thanks to Aaron (one of my blog readers) for letting me know! :)

I will keep the rest of this article intact for posterity! ;)


If you are reading this, you probably already know the power of 'do follow' backlinks. You can get free traffic both from 'nofollow' and 'do follow' links; in fact, sometimes nofollow links might give you more traffic, depending on the site your link is located at! But if you want to get good rankings for your site in SERPs, only a 'dofollow' backlink can help you! Let's find out how to get a 'do follow' backlinks from the two top dogs of World Wide Web!

Google: One of the little known facts is that you can get a 'dofollow' backlink directly from the creators of 'pagerank': yep, I mean the big G or Google™ as it is known to us. And it is so simple that I wonder why I didn’t figure it out sooner!

It all began when I saw a public Google profile of my friend Angela Edwards. Now whenever I see her put series of backlinks on any page or site I check closely to see if the links on that page are all dofollow. Since she is the backlink queen, I think she won’t be putting backlinks on a page without reason, but that's just my guess. :D

What you need to do is pretty simple: just open a Google account and then setup a public profile by going to:

If you use any of the Google's services such as Analytics™, Adwords™, Adsense™, Google Sites, or Gmail™, then you already have a Google account and there is no need to signup again! Just go to the link above to setup your public profile.

Okay, when you setup your Google profile for the first time, you should receive a message asking you if you want your full name to be indexed in Google's search results. You should opt for it as it is one way people can locate you easily and quickly on the web.

If you don't receive this message, then just go to your profile page. FYI, the URL to your public profile page would appear in this format (the number at the end of the URL might differ from user to user):

Once it is there, then check the option "Display my full name so I can be found in search results.