Monday, September 13, 2010

DO Follow Backlinks From Google

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UPDATE: It has been noticed that Google profile is NO LONGER Dofollow. The links of old profiles seem to have been grandfathered as "dofollow ", but for new profiles, any link added to the profile is set to nofollow. This is what I and one of my subscribers found out recently!

Still, since it is Google, Then it will be wise to create a profile as the case may be. It would help spread my name across the web, and also bring me a little traffic. Moreover Google is very weird and unpredictable about counting nofollow links!

Digg has also become nofollow, both for old and new profiles. :( Thanks to Aaron (one of my blog readers) for letting me know! :)

I will keep the rest of this article intact for posterity! ;)


If you are reading this, you probably already know the power of 'do follow' backlinks. You can get free traffic both from 'nofollow' and 'do follow' links; in fact, sometimes nofollow links might give you more traffic, depending on the site your link is located at! But if you want to get good rankings for your site in SERPs, only a 'dofollow' backlink can help you! Let's find out how to get a 'do follow' backlinks from the two top dogs of World Wide Web!

Google: One of the little known facts is that you can get a 'dofollow' backlink directly from the creators of 'pagerank': yep, I mean the big G or Google™ as it is known to us. And it is so simple that I wonder why I didn’t figure it out sooner!

It all began when I saw a public Google profile of my friend Angela Edwards. Now whenever I see her put series of backlinks on any page or site I check closely to see if the links on that page are all dofollow. Since she is the backlink queen, I think she won’t be putting backlinks on a page without reason, but that's just my guess. :D

What you need to do is pretty simple: just open a Google account and then setup a public profile by going to:

If you use any of the Google's services such as Analytics™, Adwords™, Adsense™, Google Sites, or Gmail™, then you already have a Google account and there is no need to signup again! Just go to the link above to setup your public profile.

Okay, when you setup your Google profile for the first time, you should receive a message asking you if you want your full name to be indexed in Google's search results. You should opt for it as it is one way people can locate you easily and quickly on the web.

If you don't receive this message, then just go to your profile page. FYI, the URL to your public profile page would appear in this format (the number at the end of the URL might differ from user to user):

Once it is there, then check the option "Display my full name so I can be found in search results.

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