Thursday, May 21, 2009

selling on ebay

Writing a sales page is one of the most revelant things you will target for your eBay auctions – especially if there are lots of different sellers selling similar items. You have to write a sales page that makes the buyers want to bid on your item, rather than your competitor's items!
There are lots of different elements to an outstanding sales page.
An outstanding sales page starts with a capturing headline.
The headline must stand out so that it will be identified when bidders look for particular items. The headline must describe the item you are selling, but there needs to be more information than that. For eBay, this will be the title of your auction, and when anybody search for a specific item in your category, that title will appear in the search results. Make sure it captures their attention!
The rest of your sales page is written by filling out the form that sets up the auction for eBay.
Again, you want to encourage the bidder to place bids or to buy now. You should list the features of the item that you are selling, using words that would attract the attention of the bidder, and even words that pull them emotionally. For instance, if you are selling an heirloom item, you may want to give relevant information of the item – information that makes the item even more valuable to potential bidders.
It is important to tell the bidders how they will benefit from the item incase they win the bid. Again, this serves to make the item more valuable and desirable to the bidder. The question here is what will the buyer get out of it
The end of your sales page should ensure the bidder that if there is a problem with the item you will offer a money back guarantee.
If you do this, it is very necessary that you do indeed honor your guarantee. Guarantees are generally reserved for new items. Obsolete items are usually sold 'as is' with no refunds offered. However, eBay requires you to accurately describe your item, and they require that the item arrive at the buyers address in the condition that you described. If it does not, you are instructed to refund the money that the buyer paid for the item.
Without putting down other sellers or their products specifically, you need to tell the potential bidders and buyers why they should bid on your item, as opposed to bidding on other auctions for similar items.
There is a fine line here that you cannot cross – putting down other sellers in a public way simply is not to be done! But at the same time, you must let the buyer know why they should choose your auction. Again, this is done by outlining benefits and features, and by letting the buyer know that you will keep to any money back guarantees you may have.
Adding a good picture of the item to the sales page is recommended.
People want to see what they are buying, and many bidders will by-pass auctions that do not include photographs of the items. Make ensure that your picture is clear and shows your item in its best light, and include a link to view other pictures of the item as well.
Note that you are trying to sell something with your eBay sales page.
Use words that will win the attention of the buyer and make them want your item more than anything else in life! prepare your words in a way that makes your items more captivating. For example, instead of saying that you have 'an old beat up record player' for sale, you might say that you have a well loved record player.
Successful eBay selling is all about picking items that people want, and using the appropiate words in the sales page to make the buyer desire the item even more!

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