Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Most Expensive Robots

Here's a list of the most expensive robots currently in use all over the industrial world.

• Sophisticated industrial robots manufactured by FUMAC costs $60, 000. They can carry a 100 pound load and can function 24 hours a day for several years doing repetitive task on and on. Aware that the programming of these robots would cost another $60,000 dollars. FUMAC robots are called six cylinder robots as it can oppose gravity to pull up its springs to lift heavy loads. These robots have been used for welding, lifting and painting.

• The American manufacturing company called Adept Technology manufactures the world’s most common industrial robot called the SCARA. The robot is connected by three horizontal points which gives it the versatility as a pick and place robot.

• Another robot called the Ivybot robot is programmed to analyze market trends and can actually do the trading for their owners using four currencies at once. The Ivybot can provide monetary returns and minimal drawdown rate, what is shock is that the whole system only costs $149

• Surgical robots are common in the area of health today and they cost over $1m. The robotic arms are used in complicated surgery but these are remotely controlled by the surgeon. With a camera placed above, the surgeon can see the operation as magnified in a computer screen. Today, researchers are trying to develop an alternative machine that costs only ¼ its original price.

How can the costly robotic industry still move on in recession? The Robotics Industries Association (RIA) announced that members have had a good year despite conservative consumer spending last year. RIA advises continued marketing formulas to advertise their member's product and offer support and free consultation.

In the personal services aspect, Next Generation Research expects an increase of robotic units from 9 million to 25 million in the next 6-7 years. It is forecasted to be a $15 billion industry in the next 6 years. This however is for functional robots that can perform several household tasks at the same time.

Robotics however is on the verge of wipeout and Ugobe, the makers of Pleo (the robot dinosaur) filed for bankruptcy after a low turn over of revenue during the spring holiday shopping of 2009. Wow Wee - the telepresence robot (a moving webcam) did well however at $350 per robot.

10 years from now, Robots who are expected to be top sellers are those which allow people to travel at the same time keep tabs at home. Those robots in the healthcare industry that can give assistance to the physically challenged and the elderly are also increasing in demand.

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