Thursday, November 12, 2009

Types of Robots

1939 was the year when Rol Oh was introduced to the World as a robot house help. This robot perform sensitive task in the home. Rol oh can cook, answer the door, clean the floors, and vacuum. The evolution started as different countries took part in developing their own Mr. Rol Oh. The United States and Japan were among the leading countries in the development of robotics. Mr. Rol Oh however was just a fragment of a creative film industry. It was in 1969 that real functioning robot joined in the car manufacturing industry in lifting and dropping hot metal car parts and stacking them. It was called the Unimate, which was specially created by General Motors for their car assembly operations.


Wakamaru was created as a communication robot. It was created by Mitsubishi motors having an independent personality to promote a more human interaction for all the family members, be it children and the elderly. The manufacturer refused to call it as a machine but referred to it as a buddy for the lonely.

It has a built in capability for internet access and can capture facial expressions and voices with its big eyes while the mouth can smile a little bit. When spoken to, it can respond back in a timely manner. Since it has internet access it can automatically call or email a designated person or the hospital or security agency whenever there is trouble at home. Real time images can also be transmitted for monitoring purposes. Wakamaru has been specially made to assist the elderly or the children at home with less or even without human supervision.


The Honda Asimo is presently the world's most sophisticated robot and is referred to as a people friendly robot. Its size at 120 cm enables it to function at human work level to open doors, work on tables, operate the copying and fax machines. It has a flexible walking mechanism and a portable controller for easy handling.


Robomow was designed as an outdoor mowing machine. Now this is the bonus, you can preset the time when you like robomow to hit the lawn. The best thing is that, it will leave and come back to its base without human control. Robomow is famous for the Grasscycling feature which mulches the grass clippings and drops it back to the ground where it is decomposed. It literally saves the owner the effort, time and money to pick up the clippings plus the result is free organic fertilizer at the same time. To ensure safety and security the Robomow has a theft alarm system installed. Since it is mostly left in the yard, homeowners can do away with the usual worry of theft.


Develop by a German manufacturing company; the Robocleaner was created to vacuum and clean floors in offices and homes. Robocleaner is hardly noticeable as you go throughout your regular day as it can be programmed to go round the room relying on the autonomous system timer.

When doing its job, don't border about stepping on it while it goes around the office or hitting a wall, it has contact sensors which immediately alert it to change direction. Changing of brushes for hardwood floors to carpets is not a difficult task for the Robocleaner as it can change it when the surface needs it. The Robocleaner can also function for up to an hour then it automatically heads back to its charging station, empties the dirt, and recharges its battery then goes back to navigate the room again.

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