Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accessing YouTube in China

YouTube has once again been reject access by the Government of China and hence users in China are unable to access or watch videos on the renowned video sharing website.
There is couple of hacks which might help users from China in unblocking and accessing YouTube in their region. Some of these hacks and tricks have gone outdated with time but most of them still work effectively.
Most functional of all remains the FreedomStick project which is basically a collection of pre-installed software that can be mounted on any USB flash drive and can be used to bypass any sort of firewall.
The FreedomStick project is specifically aimed towards helping users in China in bypassing the great Internet firewall which filters all traffic and information.
Vtunnel, on the other hand, brings to you an in-browser proxy solution to access YouTube behind any firewall and watch videos. It is highly recommended for its outstanding performance and high-speed streaming.
Also, UltraSurf is another light software proxy client alongside with some other free tools to bypass Internet firewalls. For quite a different angle, HotSpot Shield can be used to gain access to the internet over a private VPN.
I am very sure that there may be many other alternatives to access blocked websites, I would like to hear about them from you, tell me which services or tools you use to access blocked websites, it would definitely help the rest of the readers. You can do this by using the comment dialogue box below.

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