Friday, April 16, 2010

Eradicating Cancer With Purple Tomatoes

British Health Scientiest has discovered a new variety of tomatoes which could give protection against cancer. This purple tomato fruit could also help to protect your eyesight.
A team of "BHS" took genes from a snapdragon flower and put into an ordinary tomato plant yo create the best healthy superfood. The fruit is not only in antioxidant, but it also contains impressive level of another protective compound, that is called anthocyamins.
Recent research on mice have shown that the tomato may help eradicate certain cancer in those mostly affected by the disease.
Modern test also suggest that the compounds protect against age related degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer"s.
According to this "BHS" they hope further test will show that the purple tomato fruit can even be useful against a number of other chronic conditions. These development has open up the possibility that more vegetables and fruits could have genes added to make them strong and healthier.
The new research suggest it will be possible to create new wonder foods which may give protection against a large amount of people with this illness.

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